GAIN Reports

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE / Foreign Agriculture Service

Indonesia Oilseeds and Products Update January 2017

Report Highlight: Indonesia is experiencing a mild La Niña event, resulting in increased rainfall and pushing palm oil production back to normal levels. Palm oil consumption continues to be driven by Indonesia’s biodiesel blending mandate. Industry reports that 2017... read more

Voluntary Poultry Report

Report Highlight: Indonesia’s poultry sector continues to demonstrate strong growth, despite industry reports of oversupply. The Government of Indonesia has taken some efforts to regulate the import of breeder stock in order to slow growth and strengthen prices,... read more

FAIRS Export Certificate Report 2016

Report Highlight: This report updates the 2015 Indonesian FAIRS Export Certificate Report, which lists the major export certificates and other requirements expected by the Government of Indonesia (GOI) from U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. Information... read more

FAIRS Country Report

Report Highlight: This report provides updated technical information for requirements and regulations on food and agriculture products as are currently required by the Government of Indonesia (GOI). Updated sections are: Sections II, V, VI, VII, VIII, XI, and Appendix... read more

Exporter Guide Update

Report Highlight: Indonesian GDP declined to 4.79 percent in 2015, contrasting with growth rates above 6 percent during 2007 to 2012 period. The Bank of Indonesia expects economic growth will reach between 4.9 and 5.3 percent in 2016 and 5.2 to 5.6 percent in 2017.... read more

Retail Foods Update

Report Highlight: While traditional markets still account for the majority of retail food sales in Indonesia, modern retail holds a significant share and is growing. The burgeoning hypermarket, supermarket and minimarket sectors offer opportunities for U.S. food... read more