What is USDA Indonesia?

USDA Indonesia is a website prepared and maintained by Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), Jakarta.

FAS represents the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Indonesia and works closely with Government of Indonesia (GOI), U.S. exporters, Indonesian importers, and Indonesian universities, as well as U.S. land grant universities.

FAS seeks to increase sales of U.S. agricultural products to Indonesia and to build Indonesia`s agricultural and trade capacity.

What We Do?

FAS Jakarta improves market access for U.S. products, developes new markets, and increases competitiveness for U.S. agriculture in Indonesia. We are also responsible for bilateral agricultural trade negotiations.

FAS Jakarta also analyzes areas of broad interest to the U.S. food and agricultural community to include grains, cotton, coffee, biofuel, oilseeds, dairy, food processing, retail, the HRI sectors, and others

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Who We Are?

Agricultural Counselor:
Mr. Chris Rittgers

Agricultural Attaché:
Mr. Garrett McDonald 

Ms. Eri Murniati

Agricultural Assistant:
Ms. Titi Rahayu

1. Biotechnology;
2. Halal Issues;
3. Codex and Multilateral Institutions; and
4. Cochran and Borlaug Fellowship Programs.

Agricultural Specialist:
Mr. Arif Rahmanulloh

1. Oil Seed Products;
2. Cocoa;
3. Coffee;
4. Biofuels;
5. Wood and Forestry Products; and
6. Climate Change Issues.

Agricultural Specialist:
Ms. Sugiarti Meylinah

1. Grain & Feed Products;
2. Sugar;
3. Cotton & Products;
4. Animal Feed; and
5. Food Security Issues.

Marketing Specialist:
Ms. Fahwani Rangkuti

1. Processed Product Imports;
2. Food Processing;
3. Food Ingredients;
4. Hotel & Restaurant Institutions;
5. Exporter Guide; and
6. Retail Food Sector.

Agricultural Specialist:
Mr. Carolus B. Darmawan

1. Livestock (Poultry, Meat, and Dairy) & Products; and
2. Market Access Issues

Financial & Administrative Assistant:
Mr. Johan Tagor

Mr. Herman Fonda

Cochran Fellowship Program

The Cochran Fellowship Program trains and supports Fellows from developing nations agricultural systems and strengh the trade links with the U.S. The Cochran Fellowship Program accomplishes this by providing U.S. – based agricultural training opportunities for senior and mid-level specialists and administrators, from the public and private sectors, concerned with agricultural trade, agribusiness development, management, policy, marketing, and technology transfer. The program provides short-term training (about 2 – 3 weeks) in the United States. The Cochran Program works closely with USDA agencies, other government agencies, universities, and U.S. agricultural trade and market development associations to provide appropriate training.

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Borlaug Fellowship Program

The Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellows Program helps developing countries strengthen sustainable agricultural practices by providing short-term scientific training and collaborative research opportunities to visiting researchers, policymakers and university faculty while they work with a mentor. The program targets developing countries and places participants at land-grant universities and 1890`s colleges, government agencies, international research centers and other nonprofit institutions and private companies.

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Total U.S. agricultural exports to Indonesian in 2016 reached nearly $ 2.7 billion. The exports expected to increase in 2017. Best market prospects include soybean, cotton, feed, wheat, and dairy products.

To get to now the Indonesian market situation in areas of broad interest to the U.S. agricultural export commodities, please see the GAIN Reports here.


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Per the socialization on “The U.S. – Indonesia Arrangement for the Process of Getting Import Recommendation for Imports of Dairy Products from the United States” held by the Foreign Agricultural Service, Jakarta on June 12, 2012, USDA Indonesia hereby provides the “How-To Guidelines”:

and the “Samples of the Supporting Documents”:

and also the Revised Questionnaire Forms to meet the requirements from the Directorate General for Livestock and Animal Health Services (DGLAHS), Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture (MoA).

The “List of Unit Usaha Susu dari Amerika Serikat” provides the list of approved plants for exporting U.S. dairy products into Indonesia. The list will be updated periodically based on the update from the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Service, Ministry of Agriculture.

Here is the latest list of the approved U.S. dairy plants that can export to Indonesia.

Indonesian importers who wish to import U.S. dairy products from the plants that are currently not on the list, should follow the “How-To Guidelines” to get the plant listed.

Please make sure that the applications are completed with supporting documents as requested in the questionnaire, as well as the following documents:
1. A copy of valid halal certificate
2. An organizational chart of the company’s group and of the establishment.
3. A copy of pest control plan.
4. A copy of latest water microbial test result.
5. A copy of establishment’s layout and site plan.
6. A copy of HACCP process flowchart (DO NOT send the complete HACCP manual).